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Consider For Your Homepage

When you start up your browser, what comes up? Consider using a resource that I just created as your page. I created it for myself and friends as a well organized, image-based homepage having just about every site on it that I normally go to. The idea is that when I start up the browser it won't be so distracting as to distract me from my original point. It will keep me from hand-typing the URL's that I generally go to. So surf over to and see if you think it would be useful.

If you love it and will use it but want some icons replaced, send me 43x43 pixel images for each one you want replaced as well as the URL you want it pointing to, and I will consider making you your own version of the page.

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by: Andrew Randazzo () (URL) - 03 Mayo '08 - 14:16
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Title: Consider For Your Homepage
Date posted: 03 Mayo '08 - 11:30
Category: Miscellanies
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