Nutrient-Dense High-Calorie Shake

My son went through 5.5 years of treatment for leukemia. I developed this recipe to keep him from losing weight. Now my husband is battling lymphoma and has started drinking these shakes to avoid muscle loss and weight-loss. I hope this helps you as well.

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Put the following in a blender:


7 T. Heavy Cream, Shamrock Farms                       

1 C. Macadamia Milk (I usually Freeze half into “ice cubes”)

½ C. Plain Whole Milk Yogurt, Mountain High

½ C. Whole Fat Kefir, Lifeway

½ t. MCT Oil

1 Large Banana, Frozen

3 Large Medjool Dates, pitted


In a separate cup combine:


5 T. Collagen Powder

1 T. Chia Seeds

1 Scoop Raw Protein and Greens

2 t. Amazing Grass

½ Scoop Isopure

1 T. Cocoa Powder 

½ t. Cinnamon Powder

1/8 t.Ginger powder


Pour powder mix over the liquids in the blender and blend well.



I usually pre-fill 15 containers with the dry ingredients. Then I just throw 1 container of mixed dry ingredients in the blender. It only takes a few minutes to prep them and I avoid getting everything out every time.


Prepare Blender

If you prefer sweeter you can add more dates or bananas. If you are able to tolerate more volume a little ice makes it better. If you need less volume, freeze some of the heavy cream. 

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