Great deal on Flip MinoHD Video Camera (Black, 8 GB, 2 Hours) today only! has a sale on the Flip MinoHD Video Camera. Today only it is on sale on for $139 (normally $179). Also, not necessary, but sorta cool they are offering a Delkin Jellyfish Floating Waterproof Accessory Kit. It seems sorta cool to protect the camera if you were at the beach. In order to get that deal just scroll down to "special offers" and click on "add both to cart" at check-out the price of the waterproof kit will be removed.

I love are flip video it is smaller than my phone and I keep it in our kitchen, so that is covenient to grab for those fun little momements that you wish you had on video. It takes seconds to get it recording.

Here's a little clip I took on ours.

Here's's overview of the camera:

  • Shoot up to two hours of best-ever HD video—now with image stabilization for incredibly clear and steady video
  • Carry it anywhere with its sleek and slim design that fits in any pocket or purse
  • Comes with 8 GB of built-in memory, letting you capture 2 hours of HD video; no additional memory required
  • Power on, press record and start recording—it's that simple
  • Watch your videos on the large, 2" anti-glare color display
  • Connect the flip-out USB arm directly into your PC or Mac® to launch pre-loaded FlipShare™ software
  • Use FlipShare software to organize and edit your videos, capture photos, send video greeting cards and create custom movies
  • Share videos privately using FlipShare's attachment-free email or by creating Flip Channels; post publicly with direct video shares to Facebook™, YouTube™ and Twitter™ 
  • Charge the internal Lithium-ion battery through the built-in USB arm; also recharges quickly when connected to Flip Video Power Adapter [sold separately] 
  • Watch your videos on your HDTV through the Flip Video HDMI™ Mini Cable (type C) [sold separately]
  • Features a flat-back panel with touch-sensitive, backlit buttons
  • Records high-quality H.264 videos that are compatible with most video-playing applications, including Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player and iTunes
  • Video: 16:9 widescreen, HD 720p (1280 x 720) at 60 frames per seconds (fps) progressive scan; recorded as MP4 files
  • Included in package: Flip MinoHD video camera, wrist strap, soft protective case, user guide

We love ours and were really pleased with the improved quality of the HD flip.


Review of Juno Jr. -- The Day the Music Stopped.


Our daughter absolutely loves Juno Jr. -- The Day the Music Stopped. She knows all of the characters and after watching it twice she learned what melody, rhythm, and harmony are. Because she enjoyed this Juno move so much we have purchased her another DVD and a Juno doll. I like to think of these DVDs as the new Sesame Street. There are a lot of colors, music, and it is very educational. All in all I would recommend it for children 12 months and older. The only negative comment I have is that they are pretty pricey for 1 dvd. 



Do you do Recyclebank yet? On Recyclebank you can earn points and use those points toward valuble coupons (the last one I got was a free premium salad at McDonalds with the purchase of a happy meal) Check them out if you haven't yet. It is really easy to earn points.


Review of Omron BP785 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


My husband and I are both critical care cardiac nurses and understand first hand the importance of keeping blood pressure under control. One of the first steps to controlling blood pressure is knowing what your blood pressure is. Spot checking blood pressure at a doctor's office is a very poor indicator of what your blood pressure trends actually are. Daily monitoring at points throughout the day (for example, at wakeup and bedtime) is a much better indicator for you and your healthcare provider to make informed decisions regarding blood pressure management. 

We received the Omron BP785 blood pressure monitor for free to review. It is first off very easy to use. It fits both my wife and my arms well, even though they are quite a bit different in size. The cuff with the base station are a bit more bulky than some other all-in-one systems I have seen, but in my opinion this is worthwhile for the benefits of the Omron BP785. You will probably want to keep you monitor plugged in with the included AC adapter in one place because of the size. Nevertheless, it is small enough that you shouldn't have a problem taking it with you if you are planning and extended trip. 

1. It is accurate and consistent: When compared to checking my blood pressure on thousand dollar plus systems at the hospital where I work, the Omron BP785 gave numbers in the exact same range. It is consistent. When taking my blood pressure multiple times a few minutes apart, the numbers were consistent. When I tested my grandparents inexpensive all-in-one blood pressure monitor, I found that the results would often vary by more than 20 points over different readings at the same time. It is for this reason primarily that I recommend the Omron BP785

2. It remembers readings. The Omron BP785 will store up to 100 results. That's three months of results if you take you blood pressure once daily and a month and a half if you do it twice a day. That is an incredibly powerful data set to help you and your healthcare provider make informed decisions regarding your blood pressure management and medication dosing. There is even an average function to provide a single number average of all blood pressure readings. 
Each user has 100 results of storage, for a total of 200 if there are two users. 
I recommend recording your daily blood pressure measurements in a journal along with your monthly averages to share with your physician or healthcare provider. The Omron BP785 makes this easy. 

3. Two users: Two users can use the Omron BP785 and each user's results are stored separately and averaged separately. This is a key feature for a household where two people (i.e. husband and wife) would like to use the monitor and still take advantage of its result storage and averaging features.