'The Ultimate and Final Question" by Lloyd-Jones

There can be no doubt whatsoever that all the troubles in the Church today, and most of the troubles in the world, are due to a departure from the authority of the Bible. And, alas, it was the Church herself that led in the so-called Higher Criticism that came from Germany just over a hundred years ago. Human philosophy took the place of revelation, man's opinions were exalted and Church leaders talked about 'the advance of knowledge and science', and 'the assured results' of such knowledge. The Bible then became a book just like any other book, out-of-date in certain respects, wrong in other respects, and so on. It was no longer a book on which you could rely implicitly.

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The Humanist by RC Sproul

The humanist exalts the dignity of man and the importance of various virtues while at the same time declaring that we are cosmic accidents. Slime has no virtue, and the humanist can give no compelling reason why any human being should have any rights because he has no justifying grounds for rights in the first place. He has only sentiment, which proves nothing except the emotional state of the avower.
R.C. Sproul
The Invisible Hand
p. 165

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Relativists by RC Sproul

Most relativists are only relatively relativists. That is, they want to express their own rights of preference and will tolerate other people's preferences--until they bump up against their own.
R.C. Sproul
The Invisible Hand
p. 164

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Sex And the Supremacy of Christ!

Piper said, based on the conviction that beholding, seeing, and savoring Christ as the blazing and glorious center to our solar system of existence, holding all of the planetsincluding the planet of our sexualityin place in their perfectly designed orbits. We distort Gods gifts, especially our sexuality, when we do not consider Christ supremacy in all things. He claims in the first sermon that knowledge of God guards and guides our sexuality. He says that for a small heart satisfied with small things small lusts will have large power, but for a heart satisfied with the supremacy of Christ in all things, small lusts will have small power.
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Meakness by William Hendriksen

Expounding Matthew 5:4, "Blessed are the meak for they shall inherit the earth" Hendriksen says,
"Yet meekness is not weakness. Meekness is not spinelessness, the characteristics of the person who is ready to bow before every breeze. It is submissiveness under provocation, the willingness rather to suffer than to inflict injury. The meek person leaves everything in the hand of him who loves and cares."

William Hendriksen
New Testament commentary: Gospel According to Matthew
p. 272

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