Songs for the Cross Centered Life

A Great Collection of Cross-Centered Songs; Half Are Already-Released

According to my iTunes, Sovereign Grace Music is by far the most-oftened played tracks in my music collection. The songs on Songs for the Cross Centered Life help me do exactly what CJ Mahaney suggests that music do in his book The Cross Centered Life, "Sing about the cross...with songs and hymns that speak of the cross with clarity and power." My wife lovingly bought this CD for me for my birthday. I was elated and popped it in...the first two songs--"The Gospel Song" and "The Glories of Calvary"--were new and I loved them. I even repeated "The Glories of Calvary" before moving on. The thing is, from there on out there are only 5 more out of the remaining 12 tracks are new. The rest are already in my collection from other Sovereign Grace Music albums. I really wish that some more time had been taken to get some additional songs new songs on the album.

Nevertheless, if you do not own all of the Sovereign Grace Music CDs, this is an excellent place to start. I hope that this CD would quickly rise to a favorite place in your collection as the Words of each and every song truly are cross-centered and are written in a way that I have never seen outside of Sovereign Grace that shepherds your heart into God's presence each and every time you sing them.

Thanks again, Sovereign Grace, for another collection of awesome songs.