Consoled By Providence Amidst Evil

To the ungodly it is a satisfaction to deny the providence of God, and to cut him off, as it were, from any connexion with his creatures. But the saints find a rich consolation in the thought that God reigneth. This it is which reconciles them to the evils they endure, and fortifies them against those which they have reason to apprehend.

Charles Simeon
Horae Homileticae, vol. 5, Psalms
p. 202

Many Books: Some Silver, Few Gold, & One Priceless Gem

May my reading habits reflect this true statement by John Newton:

"There are many books which I cannot sit down to read. They are indeed good and sound--but have a great quantity of pages, compared to their insignificant value. There are some silver books, and a very few golden books; but I have one book worth more than all, called the Bible--and that is a book of priceless gems!"

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