Polder 7178-90 3-Tier Water Bottle Caddy

I recently signed up for unlimited home water delivery with OPremium waters (I highly recommend their service if you drink a lot of water. If you're going to sign up for it give them my name, I think I get free months or something). So now I have 20 5-gallon water bottles sitting in my garage.

 I have one 3-tier waterbottle caddy and am ordering a bunch more. In case you are searching the internet for a watterbottle holder, I recommend this one and the price on Amazon is the cheapest that I have found, $30 with free shipping and no tax at the time of writing this review. I purchased my first one through Skymall. I have it set in the garage. Three bottles fit vertically in the space that one used to take. The stand is sturdy and pretty easy to put together when you receive it. It took about 5 minutes to assemble.

Be aware though that it holds the water bottles horizontally. So if your bottle has a loose fitting lid or a lid that doesn't screw on (that may be prone to popping off), this holder may not be for you. I did have one bottle whose lid wasn't screwed on well and it ended up dripping about a gallon of water on the ground slowly through the leak in the lid. Just be aware, but if you think that you have a need for a 5-gallon water bottle rack, then this is probably for you.

Nyko iBoost Battery Pack for iPod

I got a couple of Nyko iBoost Battery Packs for my 80 GB iPod video. I can charge the iBoost and sync my iPod at the same time or charge the iBoost independently. I'm pretty sure that I don't get the full 16 hours of extra audio and the 7 hours of advertised video, but I come pretty close to tripling the amount of iPodding that I can do between recharges which is perfect for vacations. Nyko did an excellent job designing the device. You can use your iPod until until the battery is almost dead, then slide it into the iBoost. The iBoost adds a little bit to the size of the iPod when connected, but not so much so that it doesn't fit in my pocket. It does keep it from fitting in my armband, however. It adds just under an inch below the iPod where the battery is housed. Less than a quarter inch is added in thickness as well. So the statement on the packaging "So slim, so light. You won't know it's there" isn't exactly true; nevertheless, it is a good device.It will not fit will for the smaller width iPods, but an attachment is included so that the thinner iPods (same width, but thinner) will fit well. As I have only been using the iBoost for a short period of time, I cannot speak to how well the lithium ion battery ages and continues to hold a charge. Nevertheless, for the price and the utility of the device, I would strongly recommend anybody who ever has had to stop using his/her iPod because the battery died get one of these.

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Job (Word BIblical Commentary) by David Clines

Clines commentary (on chapters 1-20) will prove very helpful in a study of Job. It is a detailed, well-though-out, verse by verse exposition, offering concluding section summaries at the end of each discourse as well.

He generally presents the most common interpretations of a passage and references those who hold to various positions. This commentary is worth picking up if even just for that purpose: He shows a good knowledge of the work that precedes his on Job. Often however, his descriptions of these positions, especially when he disagrees with them, becomes muddled and summarized to the point of becoming a strawman. Nevertheless, he references well, so it is easy to find a fair description of dissenting views.The following are concerns that I have of Clines' exegesis: Clines' position on the time of Job's writing is in the 7th-2nd centuries BC. So he takes what is commonly viewed as a citation of Job in other OT writings, to be Job's author quoting other biblical authors. Although I have had a tough time finding clear indication of what Clines thinks of Job's belief in the afterlife, it seems to be consistent that he portrays Job as not believing His day before God would really ever occur (i.e. no afterlife). Furthermore, he takes 19:25 "I know that my Redeemer lives" and other passages traditonally ascribed to Job's wavering but existent faith in God's faithfulness and justice (and prophetic of Christ) as Job's expression of hope in himself and his cause.

Despite these significant concerns, I still recommend that you purchase this commentary for any serious study of Job. It is thorough, well documented, and offers good explanation of the commentators reasoning on the meaning of various passages.

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Shock Hyper-Caffeinated Coffee

I recently purchase 5 pounds of Shock Hyper-caffeinated Coffee from Amazon. This coffee is more than just a hyper-caffeinated gimmick. Although it's caffeine content really isn't that much higher than other blends you might be drinking (~200 mg per cup), it still is high and I can feel the difference. But the real thing that you're probably concerned with, as I was when I first ordered this coffee, is the taste. The taste is bold and a little earthy, and really quite good with only very minimal after taste. I have had a few friends ask me what blend (thinking Starbucks) I was brewing; it was good enough to make them want to go get it.And the best part considering the great taste is the price and convenience. At this price per pound, Shock hypercaffeinated coffee is comparable to pretty much any other whole-bean quality coffee you might be buying (but probably a little cheaper is my guess). And with free shipping in a 5 pound bag to your door, you don't even have to leave home to buy your coffee. I will definitely be buying more Shock Coffee from Amazon soon...that reminds me I need to buy some coffee filters too.