We Are All Very Committed and Gifted Self-Swindlers (Quote: Paul David Tripp)

Sin lives in a costume; that why it's so hard to recognize. The fact that sin looks so good is one of the things that make it so bad. In order for it to do its evil work, it must present itself as something that is anything but evil. Life in a fallen world is like attending the ultimate masquerade party:

  • Inpatient yelling wears the costume of a zeal for truth.
  • Lust can masquerade as a love for beauty
  • Gossip does its evil work by living in the costume of concern and prayer
  • Craving for power and control wears the mask of biblical leadership
  • Fear of man gets dressed up as a servant heart
  • The pride of always being right masquerades as a love for biblical wisdom
Evil simply doesn't present itself as evil, which is part of its draw...Now, what this means personally is that as sinners we are all very commited and gifted self-swindlers...We're all too skilled at looking at our own wrong and seeing good. We're all much better at seeing the sin, weaknesses, and fialures of others than we are our own. We're all very good at being intolerant of others of the very things that we willingly tolerate in ourselves....Accurate self assessment is the product of grace. It is only in the mirror of God's Word and with the sight-giving help of the Holy Spirit that we are able to see ourselves as we actually are.
Paul David Tripp
Whiter Than Snow: Meditations on Sin & Mercy (Amazon | Kindle | WTS)
Chapter 6
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