La Nueva Biblia de Las Americas

Using the LBLA (La Biblia de Las Americas) as the basis, La Nueva Biblia de los Hispanos has sought to make a Bible that is more readable while retaining a literal translation philosophy. From my use of it over the last few months, I think they've done a good job. The most striking change is the dropping of "vosotros" and using "ustedes" in its place. For most in the Americas the only time vosotros is used is in religious talk or Bible reading and it can have the effect of detaching scripture from reality. IT can have the effect of making a "spiritual vocabulary" which tends to make the Bible just a little less accessible to the masses. I think that this translation if widely adopted will do wonders for making the Word of God available and accessible to the common people in Spanish-speaking America.

The cheapest that I have found the hardcover of the Bible (the only edition published at the time of this review) is $10.19 at An electronic version can be found free for e-Sword. You can buy it for Libronix Digital Library System (logos) for $11.99. It's also included as a great value in their collections.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a good discount Bible, it seems like the best is the LBLA. It is eligible for the 4-for-3 discount on Amazon. As long as you purchase them in multiples of 4 you get 4 copies for the price of 3. That $3.74 per copy. If you also use A9 as your search engine every once in a while you'll qualify for the pi/2 discount which will put the price at $3.68 per copy. The best I've found on the web especially when you factor in free shipping. Keep reading