Worship God Live - Sovereign Grace Music

I have to admit, the first time I listened to Worship God Live, after I downloaded it from SovereignGraceStore I was not extremely impressed. If I recall correctly, I actually told my wife that I was disappointed with the cd. The second time through, as I learned the words, I began to worship along with the congregation and worship band on the live cd. That same day I played it a third, and then a fourth, and then a fifth time through. That fifth time through, track ten, “The Perfect Lamb of God” finished what tracks 1-9 had begun: I was brought squarely to the foot of the cross:

The light of day was cloaked by night
And heaven closed its eyes
Wrath unspared for countless sins
The guiltless crucified
Hands of kindness driven through
Back on splintered beam
The holy curtain torn in two
Atonement made for me

Insults mock the Son of God
The angels are restrained
But all the cup must be endured
For sinners to be saved
Can grace prevail in such a day
Of scandal and of scorn?
But with a cry “Forgive” You claim
Traitors as Your own

As You drew Your final breath
My debt was satisfied
And love divine in glorious might
Would vanquish death and rise

… Love unrivaled here displayed
Calls my heart to praise
The perfect Lamb of God

I found my heart in the place that I covet to be, humbled, seeing little but God’s love in the face of my sin. Then track eleven, “Grace Unmeasured” hits and I am forced to stop everything I am doing and sing and cry unashamedly with all my might and out-of-tune voice, “Grace amazing, pure and deep that saw me in my misery that took my curse and owned my blame so I could bear Your righteous name…Grace! Grace paid for my sins and brought me to life…”

Over the more than 200 more times (according to iTunes) that I have been ushered into the presence of God with this live album recorded over two days at Covenant Life Church, I have found similar experiences to be common places. My understanding of this album is that it is the best-of the song-writing efforts of some of Sovereign Grace’s most talented songwriters, so there is absolutely no filler among the 14 songs. Each and every one of them is in the top 25 of my most-played tracks according to iTunes (among more than 6500 tracks in my library which I’ve been listening to for a lot longer than this album).

All songs are written to declare God-glorifying truth and to elicit the proper response. The alone will lift your heart in praise. Never is truth declared for the sake of being theologically correct. At the same time, the songs avoid singing praises to God for some unnamed reason. The songwriters preach truth that then leads to praise, and more often than not, this is a cross-centered truth: Where God’s love, mercy, justness, holiness, righteousness, wrath, goodness, and patience are most clearly seen.

There is less than a handful of albums that I can recommend with as much enthusiasm as I do this one.

You can buy it at Amazon or SovereignGraceStore.