Norton Internet Security: No installation issues, inexpensive, functional, and still no viruses in 10 years of use!

I've written reviews in the past on Norton products. I personally, have never had any issues installing, uninstalling, reinstalling, or upgrading any Symantec product. I know that they happen and I feel for all those who have had issues. I know for many in my family who have had issues that I've had to rectify, the majority of the problems arise from installing Norton over the top of a different (or even other Symantec) security/antivirus software package.The first thing you need to do before you install this software is go to Add/Remove programs in your control panels. Remove all of the 3rd party security software you have installed (any Norton, Symantec, McAfee, Panda, Kaspersky, etc). Then Restart. You may need to restart more than once as directed by the software uninstaller. Following this procedure I have successfully installed this software without problem on more than two dozen of my own computers and probably more than two dozen of my family's and friends' computers. This seems to be one of the most complained-about issues in the other Norton Reviews.Second, price. You can pretty much always get Norton almost free. There are always twenty dollar rebates for upgrading. All you have to do is send them an old Norton (or other antivirus software) CD or box top. If you don't have one of these you can usually buy an old Norton or other security software cd on ebay for under $5. There are other rebates usually available as well tied in with Turbotax. I think this year I actually got paid $10 to buy Norton Internet Security Suite 2007 - 3 user suite. I split the 3 user licenses among other family members making it an even better deal. The 3-user package is priced almost the same as the single user package, so make sure you buy the 3-user package.

Thirdly, while the software does indeed slow the computer down, I rarely am annoyed by it. The only real problem that I have had that makes me drop my rating from 5 to 4 stars is that the process of downloading emails into outlook is slowed down quite a bit as it doesn't move onto the next message until the previous one is totally scanned. I have noticed an improvement in the functionality of Norton software since 2005 when it was particularly bloated, but still functional.

Finally, and this is the gold standard for any review I will write of an antivirus software: I have never gotten a virus almost 10 years of having computer and running Norton products. This is more than many of my friends and family can say who have tried to save money or mildly boost computer performance by going with a different package. I don't know if I can attribute this to Norton or just cautious internet use. But I do know that my computer and those computers of family members that I maintain who have had a never-lapsed Norton Antivirus software package installed have NEVER gotten a virus that was not immediately detected, quarantined, and repaired or removed. That is why I will continue protecting all of my computers with Norton Software.

Review: Battling Unbelief by John Piper

Battling Unbelief: Defeating Sin with Superior Pleasure contains chapters excerpted from Piper's much longer and more complete work, Future Grace. In Future Grace, each of these chapters is accompanied by two or three chapters setting forward the promises of God that we are to believe and put our hope in in order to win the battle with sin. I highly recommend Future Grace, but if the 400+ pages of that book may be a little daunting for you, start with Battling Unbelief 162 pages to whet your appetite. So I would recommend you not buy Battling Unbelief but instead buy Future Grace which is comparably priced, contains all of the chapters in Battling Unbelief and more. If you wanted to read what you would have read in Battling Unbelief, you will simply read the application chapters from Future Grace. When I sin, I am believing a lie that there is more pleasure, happiness, or gain to be found in that sin than in obedience. Stated conversely, when I sin I am disbelieving God's promises. I am rejecting God and all that He claims that He is. Therefore, the ultimate battle with sin is not to be had at the level that most of us fight it at, trying through willpower to not do what our flesh is calling us to. The ultimate battle is one of believing or disbelieving God's promises. I must prize God above all things in order to not reject God and pursue sin.In 8 chapters, Piper shows how this works itself out:

  1. Battling Anxiety
  2. Battling Pride
  3. Battling Misplaced Shame
  4. Battling Impatience
  5. Battling Covetousness
  6. Battling Bitterness
  7. Battling Despondency
  8. Battling Lust

So, as I stated above, I cannot recommend the content of this book highly enough. But I hope that you purchase Future Grace instead of this one and read it either front to back, or start with the application chapters and then read the rest later.

Piper says in the introduction of Battling Unbelief regarding the publishing of these chapters without the content that surrounds them:

"It is a risk to publish these eight chapters without the twenty-three chapters that surround them and explain the foundations and implications found in Future Grace. But I think it is a worthwhile risk. Many people move from application back to foundation rather than the reverse. So I am hopeful that discovering in this smaller book some of the ways faith works to liberate us from sin will send many readers to the larger work for a deeper biblical understanding."

I pray that either way you do it, the content of this book will help you and me to treasure God above all, believe his promises, and defeat sin.

Note: Future Grace is available in Spanish as Gracia Venidera.

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